When you are doing a project that includes wood carving or tree cutting, you will be creating a huge pile of wood chips and garbage. Although wood is a natural resource, it does not have any place in the curbside single-stream recycling system. The good news is, when you hire some services like this tree service near me, you can find experts who would do the job for you. However, before you consider putting away your wood chips, consider reading this article and find out many ways to recycle them.

Why can’t I put my wood chips into the bin?

These wood chips can contaminate the recycling stream that is ideally made to cater to glass, plastics and paper. However, you can always opt for an eco-friendlier approach – recycling them in your DIY projects and house maintenance.

1. Use them as your landscape mulch

Mulching is made of wood chips that are commercially made and sold in the market. Instead of spending some dollars for this, you can keep your chip for future use like this. Wood chips, similar to other mulch materials, help the soil retain water and moisture especially during hot weather, preventing weeds build-up.

2. Use them in an outdoor cooking

Wood chips have used in different types of cooking, but most especially in grilling as it is proven to add some flavor to the meat and different wood provides different flavors.

3. Use them as fire ignition

Your wood chips are effective fire starters when they are put into the paraffin. You can use them when going out in a hike or camping for emergencies. They are very lightweight and ideal to bring. They are ideal in cooler or wetter environments.

4. Use them as bedding for pets and animals

When you have pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and the like, you can use your wood chips to make comfortable bedding for these animals. The chips will provide a comfortable surface that keeps them warm against the cold floor surface.

5. Use them as a playground surface

Just like your pet’s bedding, wood chips are also ideal to be put on the ground where your children usually play. Wooden chips are capable to absorb shocks, preventing injuries from falling.

6. Use them to block weeds

This function is similar to what your wooden chip mulch does to your plants. When you want to prevent weeds from a certain area that is near always moist, put some of these wooden chips as it blocks sunlight, preventing weeds from preying on the sunlight. It also provides a physical barrier to weeds.

7. Use them to fill some muddy spots

They are the perfect cheap alternatives for covering materials. Wooden chips are effective to cover some wet areas and provide a dry pathway.

Some takeaways

Aside from using your extra wooden chips for these house repair and garden maintenance, you can also try using these wooden chips for art projects.

There are many ways to recycle your wooden chips, so whenever you have some, do not throw them away into the bin.